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Here it is Christmas time, and its incredible to be able to share it with my family in our new home. All thanks to Freedom Homes, and a special thanks' to Lacey for guiding us in the right path to the most amazing experience ever, "home owner". There's a lot of twist and turns in home buying, but having the support from a great team such as freedom homes made the dream, become a reality. Bottom line, these guys know what they are doing and will put you in the right path. I'm now a proud owner of the "Phil and Kay" edition, and its a top quality home. Also a big thanks to Dayton, Dayton is Freedom homes service manager and a great man. Anything that was out of place on our home after the move, he was right there to make it right. So anyone that is looking to become a first time home owner, and need experienced people to help guide them in the right path, and the best in the market, top quality homes, this is the place for you. And if your looking to upgrade from where you are now, I'm sure they can fix you up fast. Freedom Homes, Lacey, and Dayton, my family and I would like to thank you, and wish everyone there a Merry Christmas.
Joshua D. Hardbarger

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